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My eardrum is killing me.
hollowbastian posted:
So, I was sitting in my honors English class yesterday afternoon and my ear started itching. Out of reflex, I scratched it and found that my left ear was full of green earwax. Unusual, so I dug it out. I've always had problems with too much earwax. In the process, I must have messed up the pressure in my ear. Now my eardrum will randomly touch and when I yawn, pop my ears, or eat, it sends awful pain to my eardrum. Also things will sound like their reverberating. I had a unrinary tract infection earlier this week, and I often get a a sinus infection along with them. Is it an injury or just another infection?
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
That must have been quite a sight....seeing you dig out green ear wax in English class. Unfortunately, it would not be possible to comment on your ears since I can't examine you. Itching can be a sign of infection, especially in people who dig inside their ears. I would recommend that you see a medical provider so that you can be properly examined, diagnosed, and treated.