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Still having mild brow/head sinus pain (follow up question)
CallMeBlondie posted:
I posted this question a few weeks ago

I went to the doctor shortly after and was put on a stronger antibiotic and flonase nosespray which seemed to have cleared up the pain behind my eyebrows quite a bit, but there's still some mild pain in the area and along my nose especially when pressure is applied and I still get the occasional twinge of pain on its own. Out of curiosity I had asked the DR if my symptoms could have possibly been anything else besides the sinuses and he said with all the symptoms I have and the areas I'm having pain it's definitely most likely sinus related.

So I was wondering if there's anything else I can do to relieve/get rid of the remaining pain or is this something that takes a while to get rid of completely? I always seem to be dealing with sinus stuff so I'm starting to think I'm cursed with chronic sinus issues or something.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
There are always medications that can help with pain or discomfort. For sinus discomfort, anti-inflammatory medication is often helpful (ibuprofen) if taken on a more regular basis. As soon as your infection has been successfully treated, I would not expect you to have any pain. The Flonase will also help with inflammation, but you may need to take it for a month or more, even after you have finished the antibiotic. Some people use decongestants during the day, but I have not found them to be that helpful.

Now that you are on a stronger antibiotic, you may be on your way to a full recovery.