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mar026 posted:
Since January i've been experinecing recurring dry cough. Just this past 3 weeks dry cough reoccur so i try to record it( I've notices that the sound of my cough is a little different from my other family members, or friends.
I really don't know what might be the cause. I've sinusitis, allergic rhinitis and post nasal drip. The recurring dry cough started after i got a cold together with a productive cough. I've noticed that i always have itchy throat, some side of my nose, inner ear, back, etc.... Sometimes i will wake up at the middle of the night or early in the morning to just cough because my throat is itchy and dry . sometimes, after coughing i can hear my nose or throat or chest makes a whistling sound. Then my nose starts to congest and my head stars to ache

I just want to know what's your opinion of my cough. And what might be the problem.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
You have been coughing since January? It is absolutely essential that you be seen by a medical provider so that you can have this cough properly examined and treated. Because of your allergy history, this could be a reactive airway (asthma).

I have to say that you are the first person to post a link to a sound clip of your cough. Unfortunately, I cannot go off WebMD to listen to it, nor would it be particularly helpful if I could. A diagnosis (something you need) cannot be made by listening to a cough. A medical provider would need to listen to your LUNGS with a stethoscope...not something that can be accomplished on this educational site.

The ONLY way that you can be properly diagnosed is to see a medical provider for a hands-on exam, and perhaps, a few diagnostic tests. You can be helped, I am sure, but you also cannot be blindly treated over the Internet.
mar026 replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
thank you sir for the response. I've seen my doctor and given me meptin and co aleva ebastine betamethasone for a week. After that my Dr. said my lungs are clear. after a few months of treatment there comes gain my cough and sinus problem.
I was thinking if it is connected to my heart being on the right side. I was diagnose with it when i was 2 months old(1992), brought to hospital because breathing problem due to chronic cough and sinus problem. Many Dr. comes to visit me that day because of this diagnosis and they thought the x-ray machine had malfunction. My symptoms get mild as i grow up. but now it seems to be all coming back.

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