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    Includes Expert Content
    Multiple throat/mouth issues and not getting any answers.. help!
    An_248932 posted:
    I have issues with chronic throat clearing which seems to be caused by a constant nasal drip. The arch of skin in the back of my mouth before my throat looks a bit red. The very back of my throat looks irritated and I can see some veins, which seem more prominent now than they have in the past. I am unsure if this is due to the throat clearing. I feel like I have been sneezing not too frequently, but noticeably more than I ever have.

    I have tonsils which I was told look shrunken. I used to get tonsil stones, but now few single white dots appear on the outside one and off rather than inside any deep holes. They come and go and usually are removed by gargling or everyday eating and drinking. I noticed there is a fold of skin between the arch and my tonsil that looks like it collects some sort of white bacteria.

    I also noticed some enlarged taste buds on the back of my tongue, which I know are the supposed to be the bigger ones but they look enlarged and popped out more. There is also white film on my tongue which continues down the back of my tongue as far as I can see. It is not fuzzy, bright white or in strange pattern. It looks like what would happen if you didn't brush your teeth for a few days. I clean my mouth well at night, gargle, brush and try to get it off my tongue but it comes back in the morning accompanied by an acidic taste in the back of my throat and mouth. I admit in the past when it became more noticeable I hadn't brushed before bed and I also eat probably later than I should before going to bed.

    Overall I have no pain, rather a mild annoying dried feeling in my throat. No mouth sores, blisters or inflamed gums. I do have 4 impacted or partially erupted wisdom teeth and a teeth clenching problem. I smoke about 10 cigarettes a day and drink daily but not more than 1 or 2 drinks. The ear, nose and throat doctor I went to brushed off all these things as nothing, even though I was extremely worried that I may have throat cancer or something serious of that nature. He said all the structures in my throat and mouth look normal but I certainly don't feel that they do look normal. His final diagnosis on my invoice was Chronic Rhinitis.

    My biggest concern is that I have a cyst/bump behind my last wisdom tooth on the left side. It is not the boney bump right behind my wisdom tooth, rather after that (I believe it is called the Hamuli). One side seems slighly larger, more spread out and a different shape than the other or that there is a bump next to or on the the existing bone. Is is movable, and doesn't hurt. I wouldn't call it hard or soft. It is not noticeable to the eye. In the past when I have scraped it with a sharp piece of food it has acted up but gone away. I may be prodding it with my tongue a lot which may have aggravated whatever it is.I can't find anything about this on the internet. Most things have to do with lumps on the roof of the mouth in the center.. and again, the only results that come up are cancer topics.

    If anyone has any thought about what may be going on or if having a bump in this area is normal please share. I am completely freaking out while waiting for an appointment with a different doctor to get a second option on all this.
    mlpmop responded:
    Also, have checked for fever multiple times and it has been normal.
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
    Having that second ENT consultation is very important, mostly because of your fear of having a cancer. The only person that can reassure you that you do not have cancer would be a medical professional who takes your concerns seriously and performs a very thorough examination with some diagnostic tests. Anything less than that will not likey ease your fears.

    As you may know, it would not be possible for me, or any medical professional, to do that for you, blindly over the Interent. I can tell you that every ENT or specialist you see will wonder why...with your fear of cancer....that you continue to smoke a half-pack a day. The best thing that you can do to seriously reduce your chances of having cancer in your life is to STOP SMOKING.
    mlpmop replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
    Yes, I know I plan on trying to quit starting tomorrow. It is just too much stress to worry.
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to mlpmop's response:
    Congratulations! Your body will be greatly appreciative.
    mlpmop replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
    Can you tell me what type of doctor deals with palate issues?
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to mlpmop's response:
    Usually an ENT....

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