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Extreme Nose bleed w/ blood coming out of eye
rmaMom posted:
My 2 year old son has had several nose bleeds. A couple of them almost had me rushing to the ER, but right when I would decide to go, it would stop. Not today! We went to the ER by ambulance! His nose was actually gushing, I had about 10 paper towels that got soaked by globs of clots & blood from his mouth (thats just one incident from this time!). We went through atleast half a roll of toilet paper & paper towels. His shirt was soaked, the floor was covered.. I had never seen anything like this. We called 911. When the ambulance arrived, 3 streams of blood came out of my baby's right eye. His nose bled for 25 minutes before it finally quit. His HR was 156 & his B/P was 128/78. T 99. They ran 0 tests & offered 0 info. When we left, his HR was still in the 150s. Its finally in the 140s, but Im still very concerned. This started at 10am & it is now 8pm. When should his HR be back to normal & how do I go about getting someone to offer me some sort of reasoning or treatment?? We run a humidifier, I put vasoline in his nostrils, & when I can con him into it, we use saline spray. But I need some more info! I dont ever want to see blood come out of his eye again! Is that "normal"?
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
That is really blood from the nose that went UP his nasolacrimal duct to his eye area. This is the same little drainage tube that drains tears from the eyes into the nose. This is not concerning, but that nose bleed certainly is. He needs to see a good ENT, and his pediatrician needs to do a blood work-up to make sure that he does not have a bleeding disorder. Children do bleed more freely than adults.
Put "nosebleed managment' in your WebMD or Google search engine so that you learn the proper way to stop a nose bleed. I am not sure you were doing it correctly.
Children have faster heart rates than adults, but his pulse is a bit faster than normal. Sometimes, it is the excitement, so try to remain calm during these episdodes. Children look to adults, especially their parents, for reassurance. When you freak out....he will become very, very frightened. It is okay to scream "inside", but on the outside, try to fake being calm.
Trim his nails to keep his finger out of his nose, and keep that humidifier running. You are doing all of the normal things to prevent another bleed, but an ENT consult and a basic blood workup would be important.

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