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Knots in my jaw? Extremely painful!
RaisaV posted:
I'm a healthy (I hope) 19 year old female. I dont smoke or drink, I am active and I rarely get sick but one day I woke up with this HORRID pain on and under my jaw line!
It felt like knots had somehow formed on my jaw but I dont even know if thats possible and there is one extremely sore one under my jaw and its alittle bigger than the others.
I thought they were knots so I rubbed them hoping to make the pain stop but when I woke up the next morning it was just worse! The arravired on the 9th and now it is the 13th and they are almost unbearable! I have lost sleep because they hurt so bad.
I wanted to know what these are and if I should go to a doctor now. Please help!
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
These could be reactive (possibly, infected), submandibular lymph, yes, you need to see a medical provider so you can have a proper examination, diagnosis, and treatment.