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Both Ears ringing after clubbing
An_249008 posted:
Am experiencing rininging ears, kind of a buzzing sound continuously which is irritating. I was in club last night which has now been like 12 hours since then and the sound still persists. can anyone tell me what wrong with me? I also have cough and cold and I also smoked 2 - 3 cigs in the club last night.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
You have noise-induced tinnitus (acoustic trauma). Unfortunately, it is not possible to know how long this might last....a few weeks? Or, it can even be permanent. The body does have a remarkable way of repairing itself, so hang in there. There is really nothing that can be done medically to treat is just time.

If your symptom persist more than two weeks, you should see an ENT so you can be properly examined.