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Hi, Dr. M: Just 'checking in' and a bit of an update--
yanksgirl posted:
Hi, Dr. Moser:
First--hoping you are doing some better with that shoulder pain! Pain is difficult to live with on any part of the body!!

As for me--long story short (same old--same old).
Got a 2nd opinion yesterday with a different Neuro doctor, to see if anything neurologically could be going on with my head pressure. He did lots of neuro tests--I'm sure you're familiar with--and said he agreed with the Neuro doc I had seen 2 years ago, except he doesn't call my head pressure 'silent migraine' because there is 'nothing silent' about it.
It's pain--in the form of pressure. I questioned why I have it all day everyday and it's caused --along with the Meniere's and the family stresses, a great deal of anxiety and depression.

He said if I could take it, he would have prescribed Nortryptyline as the other Neuro had done 2 years ago, to treat both head pressure and depression.
Since I couldn't take it then and so many meds. that I can't take, , that wasn't an option.

I told him about a med my other doctor mentioned and I had not tried yet, Remeron. He said that was a good one for the same symptoms and he would encourage me to give it a try. So, I plan to do that.

He wanted to know on a scale of 1-10 my discomfort level and what eased it. I told him most days are 8-10 and only sitting back in my chair or lying down helps. The nausea has gotten to be daily too.

He said the dizzyness is the inner ear but the head pressure is 'migraine'. So, I'm going to give the medication a try. I really hope this one 'works' and I can tolerate it.
'One day at a time" is seems. Have a 'wonderful Thanksgiving'--talk to you soon. yanksgirl
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
I have not used Remeron on my primary care practice, but I certainly hope it helps some or all of your symptoms. As you know, it gets frustrating when you a medical problem with few solutions and no promise of a cure. Medical science has definite limitations, but when you experience them from the side of a patient, it really comes home.

I have another MRI scheduled this weekend, but as you know, MRIs will not cure anything, but it will provide me with some information. That bum shoulder is going to have to be prettty bad inside for me to head to the OR again.

I guess for Thanksgiving, we can both be grateful that our problems are not worse than they are. Sometimes, knowing that is really all we have.
yanksgirl replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
So very true! We have so many blessings to be thankful for!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving--with your family.
Also, I hope your MRI shows that something 'other than surgery' is an option for you.
I agree, When you have a medical problem and no solution, it's very discouraging--but we keep on keeping on, trusting that one day we'll be 'all better'! If not, that we deal with it better anyway.
Thanks for your thoughts once again.

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