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Hydrogen Peroxide use in Ear
Bpatraw posted:
My wife complains of intense itching in her ears and has started using hydrogen peroxide in her ears every night.

She now tells me that the itching has increased. Should I tell her to stop using it and go to a doctor. (This is what I want her to do)

Is there anything I can tell her that is factual about stopping use and going to an ENT?

Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
Ear canal itching can be due to infection, either bacterial, viral, or fungal. It can also be due to dryness of the skin lining of the ear canal from her constant use of hydrogen peroxide and the lack of a protective wax coating.

I agree with you. She should stop using the hydrogen peroxide since it can make the condition worse, and see a medical provider. Based on examination findings, the medical provider will be able to prescribe an appropriate treatment regime...and, guess what? The itching will stop.