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i have the flu
bouchard0307 posted:
hello doctor i have the flu and i was puking last night i was wondering what i could do cause my throat is extremely sore from the puke and stomach acids and what not and my back is killing me cause i was puking pretty hard. i was wondering what suggestion you could give me. thanks
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
You can call this "the flu", but vomiting is not a characteristic of influenza in adults. Influenza is a respiratory disease, not a gastrointestinal disease. With that said, your vomiting is most likely the cause of your sore throat -- that regurgitated stomach acid will burn like crazy. Unfortunately, there is really not much you can do for the pain. You can try some throat lozenges or ask your doctor to prescribe some viscous lidocaine to gargle with, but much of the inflammation is likely located below the area where a gargle would help. You can try some honey to see if it can coat your throat and esophagus for a short while. You should feel better in a day or so, so hang in there.