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I hear air whistling out of my ear
kkiepke posted:
I ruptured my eardrum in July of this year waterskiing. I had a follow up appt in September and the ARNP said the holes (there were two) were 99% healed.
Last week I had some wax build up and a swimmers ear infection where the nurse spent a good 20 minutes rinsing and picking out a marble sized piece of wax out of the same ear. I now how a head cold and when I blow my nose I can hear a squeeking whistling noise that sounds like air coming out of my ear.
I'm wondering if the nurse perhaps re injured my ear drum or if that's a normal thing. I've never experience this with a head cold before.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
I guess that is possible, but you would need to have someone re-examine your ears to be sure. Even a cold can create sufficient middle ear pressure to re-rupture a recently-healed eardrum.