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Swimming Options after complete Ear Drum & Bone removal.
mm1924 posted:
My daughter recently had Tympanoplasty with Mastoidectomy surgery. Her ear drum and the bones were completly removed, due to infection. What options does she have for ever swimming again? We have been told she could only lounge around the pool and never swim again, getting water in her ear. Please help.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
Obviously, you should follow your doctor's instructions, but there may be some options:

A specially-made, form-fitting ear plug could keep all water out of her ears, assuming it stays in place during a swim. For added assurance, she could wear a bathing cap over her ears to hold the plug in place. You can run this by her ENT and see what he says. Many may not want to have her take the risk, but some may feel sorry that she would like to swim and enjoy her life as before. If her surgery is recent, the answer may not be positive now, but perhaps in six months or more, the answer may change.

Plead the case....but if he still says, "No", then you would have to run it by another ENT -- one who can review her medical records and examine her, so that a patient-specific decision can be made. If two ENTs say, "No", then it is best to listen.