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    Includes Expert Content
    Adenoid issues
    lokiie1984 posted:
    Ever since i was a kid i have always had the "wind through a tunnel" sound effect when i tried to sleep, lots of dry whistling. Then about 8 years ago give or take it slowly began to run, and it as just gotten worse and worse as time went on.

    Now it will run obsessively when i wake up (some times it wakes me up, other times should i get up to go to the bathroom it will start up) for hours. And its always congested. I don't think i have easily breathed through my nose in at least 6 years, and i lost my sense of smell around then too. Some times it will come back but its pretty rare.

    Since this all started i have just been putting up with it, figuring it was an allergy or maybe from my smoking. My dad however told me to look up Adenoids one day, saying he had to have his removed as a kid. Now that i have, the symptoms are almost exact from what i can find out. But everything I'm finding says its not supposed to be an issue with adults (I'm 28 years old.)

    Now for my questions; i have found a couple posts across the internet where adults have found this to be the issue but the doctors refuse to do an operation to remove the adenoids. If this turns out to be the problem, am i going to have to fight with them to do it?

    And then also what exactly would be the procedure to both diagnose the issue and then would they plan to load me up on say antibiotics or other meds for a while before considering the operations?

    I do have an appointment for the 13th of this month to try and figure it all out, I'm just trying to do a little research while i wait for it to come up.

    Thanks for any info that anyone is able to give.
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
    Hopefully, the appointment that you have is with an ENT -- someone who has the skill and diagnostic equipment to determine the reason for your symptoms, be it adenoids or not. As you have stated, enlarged adenoids are not usually an adult issue.

    I would not go to this visit with a pre-determined idea that (a) you have big adenoids as the underlying cause, (b) that you need surgery, (c) that the ENT will refuse to treat you, or (d) you will be loaded up on antibiotics (not likely). Just let the visit happen. Explain your symptoms and trust that the ENT will offer his or her expert opinion as to the cause and possible treatment solutions.
    lokiie1984 replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
    It is with an ENT, prior to this i had seen a local clinic doctor and he never told me anything of value. Then later on i saw another doctor (again a free type clinic) and she gave me some wash stuff to rise my nose with but i could never bring my self to use it. The thought of spraying a gritty wash up my nose is kind of horrible. If i do need an operation that part sounds worse to me then anything else.

    My big issue is that i cant afford to come in four or five times, at 200 dollars each visit. So i want em to figure it out in one visit (with in reason of course) so then on the second if needed we can start on the fix. So i kind of figure if i have at least an idea on it, it will be that much faster. Hopefully anyway.

    Just out of curiosity why is it that adults don't generally have the adenoid problems? And for that matter what exactly is it that causes the adenoids to block off the air flow anyway?

    Anyway thanks for the info, i think for the most part I'm just going to have to wait and see what they say, i just hate waiting lol. Plus after 7 years of this I'm ready for it to just go away, and my girl friend is too, sleeping next to me is kind of annoying.
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to lokiie1984's response:
    Adenoids are lymph tissue, just like tonsils and the lymph nodes in our neck and other parts of our body. As our immune system improves, we need lymph tissue less and less, so eventually the tonsils (and adenoids) just shrink away from disuse. The adenoids are located between the back of your throat to the back of your nose and cannot be seen without a mirror or fiberoptic scope. If the adenoids are large enough, they can block the nasal airway, cause snoring, and a nasal quality to the voice. I am assuming you do not have this, but there are certainly other reasons that can compromise the nasal airway. Hopefully, your ENT will be able to figure it out on the first visit. Do not hesitate to discuss your financial constraints with him. If he does recommend surgery, it is going to cost more than those $200 visit charges, I can assure you, so hopefully, this will not be the case.

    Let me know what happens after you see the ENT.
    lokiie1984 replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
    I will be sure to do that, in the mean time is there any over the counter medications that you could recommend to help alleviate the symptoms? Mainly its the congestion and runny nose that are annoying me and my girl friend.. i make some horrible sounds when i try and sleep i guess.

    As far as im aware im not alergic to anything, and i have been trying musinex dm (generic) but it doesnt seem to be helping much that i can tell.
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to lokiie1984's response:
    You could try a decongestant, but I would recommend it only during the day. At night, it could keep you awake and annoy you with post-nasal drainage. At night, to reduce the drainage, you could use an anti-histamine.
    lokiie1984 replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
    Well i finally got in to see the doctor, not sure if it was good or bad in general as i spent more time waiting then actually with the doctor. Spent a good hour waiting and about ten minutes with the guy. But he glanced into my nose and said he could see a fairly large polyp in my right nostril and then in the left a couple smaller ones and congestion.

    Because of those he prescribed a steroid (prednisone 10MG) and then amoxicillin to take for three weeks to see it gets better. However i don't know if the polyps are the root cause of what i have or if they are just another symptom of something else. But it cant hurt to try it and see i guess.

    He didn't do a scope or anything like that, and considering how big the one is i don't know if he would have been able to anyway. For the most part all he did was listen to my breathing and try to strangle me to check my tonsils.

    Also I'm curious if you might know anything about an odd reaction i get to pain relievers, every time i take one (any kind of solid pain pill, Tylenol, aspirin ibprophin.) My stomach feels like it fills with a gas to the point of where i get sick and throw it up, which is never fun, and it gets so tight that i have trouble breathing. However liquid or gel tabs im fine with. Does that sound like an allergic reaction to something in the pill? (the pain medication doesn't seem to be the cause since i can take it in liquid form just fine.

    I even tried a children chewable once and i didn't bloat but it was kind of painful and i ended up throwing up some kind of red liquid that kind of looked like blood but i was never sure.
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to lokiie1984's response:
    Your pill swallowing issue is very odd....At first, I thought maybe you were swallowing a lot of air with the solid pill, but I am not so sure, since you still need to swallow water (and some air) with the gel caps. I can't say that I have encounter this response before, so I am at a loss to offer you an explanation or a solution.

    I sure hope the prednisone helps, but I have to say that big polyps often need to be surgically removed.

    Do you hae an appointment for a follow up? I know you were not thrilled with this ENT, so the choice is yours to try someone else.
    lokiie1984 replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
    Its not that the guy was bad, i mean i could tell he knew what he was talking about but it felt like he was trying to rush me out the door more then anything else. Never really gave me a chance to ask questions or anything. I got more info from the pharmacist at king soopers then i did from the doctor.

    But i figure i will keep taking the meds for the three weeks that he wants and then go back, on the bright side they said the follow up visit will be alot cheaper then the first one.

    As for the pill reaction, so far when taking these meds with food i havnt had any bad reaction. The other reaction i get from pain relief pills is defiantly an odd thing. Normally it happens hours after i take the pill, i will start to feel that bloat and it will just continue until i have to throw up all the air... terribly painful when it happens too. Anymore i just refuse to take over the counter pain medication unless its liquid or gel.

    I had thought maybe it was soda reacting with the pill but then a few times i made sure to avoid it all day after i took it and it still happened. Or in the case of the last time, with the childrens chewable it never bloated, instead i just threw up twice with no warning. I never even felt sick other then a pain in my stomach.

    Thankfully the antibiotic and the steroid haven't done that yet, which reminds me, how long do you think it will be before i notice a change with taking these? I read online it can take up to two weeks to shrink the polyp but would i notice easier breathing before then? And should i keep taking the anti histamine before bed or will they react together?
    lokiie1984 replied to lokiie1984's response:
    The doctor also did say that surgery is still an option, he just wanted to try the meds first to see if it helps.
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to lokiie1984's response:
    Being conservation is a good approach...

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