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Perforated ear drum
An_249319 posted:
Ive had this same problem now for about a year now. I'm seeing a ENT specialist now for about last 4 months.

It started with dizziness and I went to see my doctor. when she looked inside my left ear she said I had impacted wax and prescribed olive drops. when ever I would put the drops into my ear they would sting and my ear would start hurting. I also went to have my ear syringed and that was even more painful. I went back to my doctor and she said as she could not see beyond the wax she cannot make any judgement. she prescribed antibiotics because she thought it might be an ear infection. I finished the course of antibiotics and tried cerumol drops but it still hurt every time i would put the drops in the ear. In the end my doctor referred me to ENT specialist.

The ENT specialist removed the wax by some mind of a suction machine and had a look in the ear and said I have a large hole in my ear drum. He told me that its best to give some time to see if it will heal by itself.

After 2 months waiting the ENT specialist said that the hole has not healed. But I'm abit confused about the advise I'm getting from him and what I'm reading on the internet.

He asked me questions like: do I swim? to which I have replied no, then he asked me if any liquid was coming out from the ear? I said no and then he asked me if I have any problems when I go out in the open air? to which I replied no.

I did say to him that I have dizziness when i lie down and change sides and when I make sudden movement and 50% hearing loss. Also when I hear any sounds its difficult to make sense of where the sound is coming from.

The specialist seems to think that i don't need to have surgery because I said no to his questions but has left the option for me to decide. I am really confused, can you please help.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
He is making a personal judgement about doing a tympanoplasty (eardrum repair). While it is true that you are having only a few symptoms that could be related to this problem, another ENT may not have had the same solution (doing nothing).

Your hearing would likely improve on that side with a fully-functioning eardrum, but I am unclear if the dizziness will change. You would also be less likelly to get an infection in the future if the hole was patched.

Having a second opinion would seem appropriate....

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