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4 days of amoxacilian and still soreness when swallowing.
An_249323 posted:
I've taken my 6 yr old to the ER twice this week for several symptoms, fever;weakness;headache;stomach pain; and sore throat. She was diagnosed with pharyngitis and put on Amoxicilian. it's been 4 days now and she is still having pain while swallowing, still having fevers and stomach pain. Is that normal? or do you think there could be another under lying problem? Please help, I think the ER docs think i'm just one of those crazy moms, but my daughter doesn't get stick like this, ever.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
Not all cases of pharyngitis is bacterial. If she had a virus, the amoxicillin would not help at all.

Was she lab tested for influenza? Mononucleosis (yes, six year olds can get mono)?

Try and see her primary care medical provider / pediatrician on Monday and have her re-examined.