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Black dots on tonsils?
An_249353 posted:
A few months ago, two black dots showed up on my tonsils (one on each) and I had a bad sore throat. I went to the doctor and she quickly looked at my throat and swabbed it to check for strep throat. It came out negative and the doctor was in a rush so I forgot to tell her about the dots. Eventually the sore throat went away but the dots were still there and now i have a sore throat again. Also (I don't know if this matters) but the first time I had the sore throat with the black dots, at night time my throat felt really swelled up and my one hand turned slightly blue and it was kind of hard to breathe but by morning the swelling went down. I was just wondering what the black dots are. Thanks!
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
So am I.... Unless I could see them first-hand (not a photo) during an examination, it would not be prudent for me to blindly guess. I can tell you that Strep throat does not cause black dots.

Seeing an ENT would be appropriate if your primary care doctor doesn't know. Your throat was examined and nothing was said, so it may be a normal finding, but again, without seeing it, this would be a guess as well.