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Blocked ear for 2 weeks
Kar252 posted:
Hello, I have had blocked ear now for almost 2 weeks, though not constant. I thought it was from ear wax. When I went to the clinic they gave me antibiotics since I also had some pain. Since then I have not had much pain but at times I do. Mostly I can't hear out of that ear and it can feel like there's pressure. I have tried to flush it and a few different times and..sorry I don't want to gross anyone out here but it doesn't look like wax coming out,.. it is white and looksl ike kleenex. I have used qtips to scratch my ears on a daily basis since I get itching alot. I know I shouldn't have but now I'm wondering could it be leftover from the qtip? I do not have insurance and would rather not go to the doctor again unless I have no choice. Thank-you for any advice you may have
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
We have a dilemma....I can't look in your ear over the Internet to offer you an opinion, and you can't look inside your own ear. We are both going blindly down this diagnostic alley. While I am sympathetic to your lack of insurance, the only way to get to the bottom of this issue may be to see an ENT.

The white stuff? This could still be wax, desquamated skin (from moisture), or even fungus. Because your ears ITCH, fungus would be a very likely possibility. Fungus loves warm, dark, moist places and the ear canal does fit this bill. Oral antibiotics would have absolutely no effect if you have a fungal infection. Q-tip users who routinely strip off the PROTECTIVE WAX COATING, make the ear canal more vulnerable to fungus and bacterial infections.

A blocked ear also could be related to the middle ear and Eustachian tubes (the area on the other side of the eardrum). Unfortunately, people can have more than one ear problem going on at the same time, so getting an accurate diagnosis is essential to getting and effective treatment.

Just like your car breaking down unexpectedly needing costly repairs, sometimes you just have to spend money on medical care when you go without insurance. I know these decisions are not easy, especially if you have limited finances, but they can be unavoidable.

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