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Variocele in a 20 year old male
jstevens30 posted:
My son is 20 years old and about 6-8 months ago he was diagnosed with a variocele in his scrotum. He saw a specialist at a urology clinic and the doctor didn't seem too concerned about my son getting it surgically repaired. It's been 8 months now and my son seems to be in no hurry to get the variocele fixed as it's not causing him too much discomfort. Just once in a while he has some discomfort. I am concerned that my son's future for reproducing children will be affected. Should my son look into getting the variocele fixed surgically? Please advise. Thank you.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
I feel a bit awkward in addressing a scrotal issue on the Ear, Nose,and Throat community, but.....

No, not all varicoceles need surgically repaired and not all (only the big ones) will cause decreased fertility. One year, I diagnosed 200 of them, and only one met the criteria for surgery (large, increasing in size, and decreased size of the left testicle - most are on the left). Varicoceles on the right are rare, and all need to be carefully evaluated.

You can see a urologist for a consultation, but remember that urologists are surgeons so they may be a bit biased toward going the OR.

Do an Internet search using "Adolescent Varicocele" in your search engine.