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Lump Behind My Ear
hillaryheller posted:
I have had a hard, unmovable lump on the temporal bone behind my right ear for a year or more now. It isn't painful to touch but it often causes pain in, around my ear, and where the lump is. It is the size of a dime now but was smaller when I first found it. Not sure if this is related to the lump but my scalp has been quite itchy(no bugs or dandruff), and a couple of night these past few weeks, right above my ear with the lump, I get a tingling sensation in my head(like you feel when your foot or hand falls asleep) but I had not even been laying on that side of my head, and it was in one little spot.Not sure what it is but I did some research and I don't think it is a lymph node because of the fact that it is on the bone and it has not gone away. But I'm not sure. Should I be worried?
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
Obviously, without the ability to examine you first-hand (not something the Internet has been able to orchestrate), I can't tell you exactly what this lump may be, but there are post-auricular lymph nodes that can lie over the mastoid bone, and those nodes can "react" to the inflammation from an itchy scalp. I am not saying that this is what you have, but it is one possibility.

With that said, I think you need to get it checked out professionally, namely because it is hard and non-moveable (fixed), so see your medical provider or get a referral to an ENT. This will help put your mind at ease.