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Raw feeling and Pressure behind nose and upper throat
An_249489 posted:

For the past couple of years, whenever the weather is dry, I get this raw feeling behind my nose. There also seems to be allot of pressure. I don't have a runny nose, but I do usually get a headache. It feels like hard mucus is building up back there, and if I snort (pardon the term) hard mucus comes out. Sometimes these is blood mixed in. I don't have insurance right now, and my last physical 5 months ago was very good. When I asked my doc about it she said it's probably just allergies or sinus infection. I wanted your opinion. I will go to an ENT if you think this is serious. I am a vocalist, and make my living with my voice, so I'm just concerned. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
Seeing an ENT is really your best bet, and I am sorry that you do not have insurance. Please mention that at your ENTs visit and maybe that will cut you a break on their fees. You may need to get your nasopharynx "scoped" using a tiny fiberoptic scope to look specifically at the area that is problematic for you. I don't know anything about you, your medical history, or habits to know if something "serious" is a possibility, but when it comes to finding an answer, ENTs always look for the serious things.

Yes, allergies and sinus infection (due to post nasal drainage) can be contributory. The fact that you are a singer may also be playing a role. Either way, you deserve the best of care, so bite the bullet and pay for an ENT consult so you can get to the bottom of this issue, and of course, relax about the fear that something serious is going on.

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