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Help please
w002mia posted:
I am 23 years old male and there is not much hope left in me . I actually gave up at some point during this struggle. so here how it all started. 2 months ago i went to gym and did some leg training.. heavy squats and i don't know if the cold air was the reason but i got headache after that. headache was gone after workout. I went home and ate then smoked with my friend.. i smoked again in about 8 hours. i don't know if the smoke was the cause of my sickness or both workout and smoking.

Next day i was in car with friends and they stated smoking and this weird scary feeling came to me. I felt some tingling in my fingers and my forearm kinda got big. I went to hospital that day but they told me my heartbeat was fine. I also tried squeezing my gym partner hand but i was really really weak.

Symptoms i've experienced

1- weakness in hands (gone)

2 - shortness of breath

3 - dizziness

4 - tired head

5 - stiffness of neck and face

6 - upper back pain and lower back too

7 - when i carry something i get tired
My blood is fine except i have low white cells and low pallets. Heart is fine. Lungs are fine. liver, gallbladder, kidneys are fine. Yesterday.. i flt like i was gonna faint when i was in my friends car because he had this scent in his car. i couldn't sleep well because i had some pain in my chest after i was exposed to that scecnt.

please help
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
As much as I would like to help you solve this mystery, I cannot. The Internet poses some significant barriers when someone requests a blind diagnosis, based solely on information that is posted. Unforutnately, without knowing your medical history, reviewing your medical records, and of course, examining you first-hand, and perhaps running a series of my own diagnostic tests, it would be impossible at best, to offer you (or anyone) a definitive answer as to what transpired on that day in question.

The only way that you could possibly achieve an answer is to work closely with a thorough medical provider to rule out a series of diagnostic possibilities. I wish you the very best, and I am sorry that I cannot help you through this educational forum.
w002mia replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
Thank you for your quick response. I apologize if i posted my problem in wrong section but i really need someone to help me find what's wrong with me. My life has changed and i am not a happy person anymore. I never cried in my life but now tears are always in my eyes .. is there anything i can do to help you or anyone here find what's wrong with me. I'm tired of going to hospitals but i'll keep going until I'm back to normal. I lost 11lbs in a month because it was so hard for me to eat.. Either my heart would beat so fast or i felt so tired in my head. CT scan showed nothing.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to w002mia's response:
You are not going to be miraculously diagnosed or treated over the Internet, no matter how frustrated you are with the medical system. It may not be perfect, but it is among the best in the world.

Going to a hospital or ER is not the way to go. Find a good, compassionate Internist to take on your case and follow their advice. I am going out on a limb here, but I suspect that you have a strong psychological component blended in with your array of symtpoms, so it would be nice to find someone that will take your diagnostic evaluation to the end...looking for all organic reasons, and then be able to concurrently treat any psychological issues along the way.

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