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Enlarged Lymph nodes and very thirsty
An_249554 posted:
Good Afternoon! I work in the public schools and everyone has been sick lately. I went to the local Dr. about a month ago and got a z-pack because I was coughing and sick. It did not work so I went back and he gave me Amoxycillian and an enhaler. (I explained that I'm having trouble breathing at night, I've actually lost my breath and you could hear me trying to catch it).
I still had several breathing exposides even after the antibiotic wore off. I ended up going to the emergency room and explaining. They did a chest x-ray and a CT scan. I do have enlarged lymph nodes, but no cancer. He put me on the z pack and prednisone. My neck feels bigger to me, my voice is not always as high as I would like and I'm scared. I've tried to book an appointment with a ENT, but everyone is closed until the 2nd for holiday. Last night I propted my head up on three pillows (it's difficult to sleep because my throat is so dry I have to take sips of water every few hours). I drink about 70 ounces of water from the AM to 5pm, then another 33 from 6pm-3am.
Should I go back to the emergency room after the 5 day antibiotic wears off or wait until the 2nd of January. I just don't know what to do.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
Actually, Zithromax lasts TEN days, even though you just take it for five. After three courses of antibiotics with no improvement, I think it would be very important to look for other reasons to account for your symptoms, other than a "bacterial infection".

Did they check your heart? Did you have a glucose test? (increased thirst is one sign of possible diabetes). Did you have a pulmonary function test?

While it is very good (excellent, in fact) that your chest x-ray and CT (of the chest???) is normal, your doctors cannot stop looking until a cause is found. Whether you should go back the ER or not is iffy. The ER is really not the place for a progressive, diagnostic work-up. They are more geared for "treat 'em and street 'em" cases, which you are not. The choice is yours, of course, and you most definitely should go if you continue to have breathing difficulties.

Please keep me posted and hopefully, you will get in to the ENT relatively fast. I wish that I could reach across the Internet and help you....

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