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Ear infection with foul drainage
jlie0813 posted:
12 years ago I was treated for a chronic ear infection. I had to have surgery to fix my ear drum and a mastoidectomy for the drainage. I also had gangrene. Two weeks ago I noticed my hearing was decreased and my ear felt full. I was getting dark wet ear wax when I cleaned my ear. Now my ear is draining greenish yellow pus. head aches, pain on the affected side and hearing loss loosing my balance/dizziness. I am on po amoxicillin, but am worried that it may not be enough d/t my previous history.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
I worry that the amoxicillin is not sufficient either. You need to get in to see your ENT as soon as you can so that your ear can be properly assessed. I do suspect you will need to be treated more aggressively, based on your history.