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An_249621 posted:

At first, sorry for my bad English.

A four weeks ago, I got a tinnitus. I am 26 old and I never before had auditive problems. I was at some cafe for two hours where was a slightly louder music. Day after I noticed tinnitus.

I went to doctor and got some medicaments for better circulation.

throatPast week i went to another doctor for ear, nose and throat and done some tests:

Tone audiometry:

on both ears is some: 250hz - 10dB, 500hz - 10dB, 1khz - 10dB, 2khz - 10 dB, 4khz -10dB and 8khz - 15dB


LEFT EAR: volume 0,64ml; compliance 0,19 ml, pressure -44daPa, gradient 0,14ml
RIGHT EAR: volume 0,59ml; compliance 0,40 ml, pressure -36daPa, gradient 0,20ml

I have allergys, and chronic inflammation of the right maxillary sinus

My doctor says that I didnt have accustic trauma so cause of my tinnitus is allergy (rhinitis) and that I have eustachian tube dysfunction.

I am using nasonex spray now, and he said that my tinnitus will probably gone.

Sometimes I have fullnes in my ears and
crackling in ears when open mouth.


I also gone on some web tests for high frequency and I can hear up to 18khz on right and 19khz on left ear.

In last 7 days, my tinnitus has gone two times but then recover.

I feel a middle fullness in my ears now.

What is your opinion? Is my tinnitus result of accustic trauma or
eustachian tube dysfunction? Can you interpret a results of thympanometry please?

Thanks a lot.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
Your tests, including your tympanometry, do not indicate a specific CAUSE of your tinnitus, but I tend to agree with your ENT that it is not acoustic trauma. He feels to believe it is due to Eustachian tube dysfunctionn (ETD), and based on your posting, I have no reason to question that assumption. The fact that your tinnitus has complete resolved and returned and resolved again is really a good sign and more indicative of ETD.

You appear to be under appropriate care, so please follow your ENTs advice in this matter. I suspect you will improve soon.

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