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GemSloan posted:
Hi - can you help - I've been having problems with my ears for a few months now. It started after a cold, I got tinnitus in one ear. The tinnitus got a bit better and has now plateaued, it's much milder.

However, my ears seem to flare up regularly. They feel blocked, inflammed, full and uncomfortable every few weeks. Also, they are hard to pop or pop all the time and the top if my throat feels sore (not like razor sore, like when you're getting poorly, more uncomfortable). The tinnitus also comes back.

My doc seems to think I'm making it up as it flares up and then goes away again. Could it be allergies? Can you get allergies just in your ear? Help!
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
Allergies tend to by systemic (whole body) but certain parts of our body (ears, nose, throat, sinuses, lungs, skin) can be more affected than other, so yes, it can just involve your ears. In your case, it is most likely your Eustachian tubes. E-tube issues do come and go, so I know you are not making this up.

What are you taking for your allergies right now, or what is your doctor doing to help you?