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Follow up to ear ringing 2 months ago
llmick posted:
I wasn't sure how to add onto a post I made about 2 months ago. So, to refresh....I am 42 year old female who went to a charity benefit where they had a band playing very load music! about 3 hours later I left with muffled/ringing ears. I continued to have ringing on and off - more on that off up until about 2 weeks ago and now I can say that I have many more good days than bad. I would say in the last 7 days I've had mild ringing maybe one day....wierd thing is...and here is where my questions come in....
-sometimes when I wake up I will hear mild ringing which when I get up and move around seems to I imagining this since the ear ringing is the FIRST thing that comes to my mind when I wake up. I do have anxiety to the point where it at times gives me physical symptoms so I'm wondering if my anxiety can play a part here also....
-the fact that I have more good days than bad - good sign I think??? are the chances that it will continue to go back to baseline?
-we went to a friends house for new years eve...not crazy ...about 16 people chatting in a failry large room....I ended up leaving about 1/2 hour into it as when I went...ears were fine...but then everyone started talking and ears started ringing home and they rang most of the rest of the night...woke up fine....
...another situation - went to eat at a steak place for my daughters birthday....texas roadhouse....can be loud....left with ringing ears but it only last an hour or two and then the ringing went away....question is...will this most likely get better? should I even wear ear plugs to a resturante which to me didn't seem loud...conversation was easily hear (my new gauge for loudness!!! ). I was surprised at the New Years Eve event as the loudness wasn't to the point where I thought my ears would start ringing....actaully...those were the only 2 times my ears have rang in the last week...unless you count a minute or two after I wake up and think about it and then it comes until I get up - only sometimes!

Ideas, suggestions....

I had been to my family dr. the first week after the initial incicent....I have not been to an ENT...figure if it's seeming to SLOWLY get better.....I am right at 2 months today. Do I need to go....would rather not if there isn't a need!!!
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
Tinnitus is so unpredictable, and yes, so times. I have had tinnitus for well over a decade now and I have long given up hope that it will resolve. I can't remember what it is like to hear silence. With that said, I really don't let tinnitus rule one second of my life, because I pay more attention to the important things that I hear....things like my dogs barking with joy when I come home, or a newborn baby crying in my clinic waiting for me to come and examine them, or the gentle sound of rain. These are the good sounds. Tinnitus remains in the background, but I treat it like the humm of a fluorescent light or the purr of a motor when I drive. I just ignore it.

Your tinnitus may be getting better, or at least your brain is starting to adapt and "tune it out". Either way, if you are experiencing improvement...ANY improvement...that is a very positive sign. There will be sounds or loud situations which will exacerbate your tinnitus, but that fact they you are getting better....slowly over still good news, no matter how you look at it.

You are correct about the anxiety. Anxiety doesn't cause tinnitus, but tinnitus can definitely cause anxiety, so many people will have some medication around to take when they need it. Medications like low-dose Xanax or Valium have been very helpful for tinnitus patients. Ask your medical provider for some help in this area. This is really what an ENT might suggest, too, since there is very little that can be done medically to cure tinnitus. It is up to you to see the ENT, of course.

Take it a day at a time. Don't let tinnitus control your life...not even for a second. Notice it....and then, let it go.

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