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Common Cold? or Sinus Infection gone bad?
Breezy101 posted:
It all started about last Friday when i got an Otitis media (middle ear infection) which i had a couple months ago and it started an Sinus Infection. Well it started getting really bad so i took Dayquil Sinex caplets to alleviate the pain in my left ear and i would feel better for about 4-5 hours until i would have to take another 2 caplets to get rid of the pain again. Well i woke up the next morning (Saturday) with no signs of pain or a Sinus infection but i can tell i was getting something bad because my throat felt like it was swollen but i never saw a doctor about it so i took Dayquil during the day and nyquil to fall asleep. Later that Saturday night i had a pain under my left cheekbone which is a sign of a Sinus Infection but i was pretty sure i was feeling better. Woke up Sunday with no cheekbone pain or anything that could be Sinus Infectious worthy but i did notice that my nose started to get congested and it could be Sinusitis or just a Common cold. Monday i woke up way worse. I had a terrible cough with green phlegm coming out, my nose was waaaay too congested and i just felt like crap. Right now its Thursday and i have a terrible cough and running nose about to go see a doctor before this gets out of hand. What can it be?
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
You may be definitely could have a sinus infection. It is not uncommon for a person to have both a middle ear infection and a sinus infection at the same time. Of course, is it going to take a hands-on medical examination to make the proper diagnosis, so i agree that you should see your doctor. As you may know, I cannot blindly diagnosis you with any certainty over the Internet.

Many sinus infections are viral and will self-resolve over time (a week or so), but some will develop a bacterial component and may need antibiotics.

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