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nose bleeds when i blow it
amrcnracin posted:
iam 32 and have NEVER had blood in my nose b4-not even the tiniest bit. Afew days ago when i blew my nose(very lightly) there was a drop of dried looking blood,brown and crusty(sorry) didnt think anything of it. i usually blow my nose morning and nite. today which is about 4 days later i blew my nose and it was bright red and more wet its getting redder and more. The weather has been very cold,dry a little snow the other day but im used to that in winter time plus im mostly inside.The past 2 nights when i go to bed i get really cold and it takes about 2hrs to warm up.last night i had 7 blankets on me.dont have thermometer so i didnt take temp. im reading most likely its due to dry weather,allergies etc. i dont have money to go dr and im mostly curious rather than worried at this point.I do have allergies but its mostly sneezing due to fragrances,pollen etc.Is this just a new allergy symptom,poss due to cold weather? obviously you diagnose me but not sure i wanna spend the money yet to get checked out.thanks!
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
You are correct about one possible, underlying cause - that being a dry environment. The mucosal lining of the nose is rich in blood supply, so it does not take much for it to easily bleed...just the dry air and a few forceful nose blows can do it. Sometimes, it is a finger seaching for those elusive boogers that can cause a bleeding response.

First: moisturize your nose by using some saline nasal spray (over the counter or homemade). Also use a light coating of vaseline inside your nose at night.

Second: Think about ways of humidifying your air, especially in your bedroom. An inexpensive vaporizer or humidifier will help

Third: Drink lots of water.

Finally, learn how to properly manage your nosebleed. WebMD has some first-aid instruction if you put nosebleed or epistaxis (the medical term) in your search engine.

If your nose continues to bleed...from the same side...over and over again, you may need to to bit the financial bullet and see a medical provider.

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