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    An_249791 posted:
    Hello, I had a nose bleed Thursday morning and when I woke up out of my sleep because of it the blood was pouring from both nostrils. I tried to pinch my noes and hold my head still so that the blood sous stop. It didn't I went to the ER where a pack was placed in my nose and I was given some nasal decongestant to put in my nose. All day Thursday I continued to bleed I went to a nose specialist thursday and while I was there my nose bleed again. The DR took the pack out, vacuumed the blood out of nose and placed a medicine and nasal decongestant in my nose. That Friday even and Saturday I bleed through both nostrils again losing a large amou t of blood. Sunday it slowed down a lot and and Monday and today the pack is soaked with blood and smells really bad. I have never had a nose bleed in my life before can you tell me what could have caused this long nose bleed. Before my nose bleed I was sleeping with a heater in my room as well as I was very sick with a cold and I often blew and picked nose due to it being dry
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
    There can be many causes or factors associated with a nose bleed, but since I do not know anything about you or your medical history, or have the opportunity of examining you myself, I can only offer you some general comments.

    First, look up "nosebleed" or "epistaxis" in your search engine, followed by "WebMD" and you will find a nice article or two so that you can read about it. The dry air in your room and the cold was a factor, I am sure, but there may be other contributing things as well.

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