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Feeling like something is in my opening of thoat/roof of mouth.
An_249823 posted:
Hello, for the past 4 months I have had this feeling that something was in my throat at the opening and roof of mouth behind my uvula. It almost feels like plastic and it seems to feel like it moves back and fourth and from side to side when I cough or swallow. I often say it feels like I am swallowing my uvula. I have had tests done, barium showed a small hiatal hernia but that is it. I had swollen tonsills and was put on antibiotics, went back 2 weeks later and was told my soft pallet was red. When I breath in it feels like the back of my throat is dry or plastic is there. The ENT thinks it may be my tonsills and said my last resort is to take them out. It makes me nervous because I am scared that it possibly isn't that. If I remove them it would all be for nothing. Has this happend to anyone else, and if so does anyone have any other ideas?
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
Get a second ENT opinion before having your tonsils removed. Another professional opinion would likely be helpful in solving this yet, unsolved mystery.