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My Throat Lately
alwaysworried20 posted:
What Im most worried about is my throat and mouth. It has a layer of yellow, white coating, and it is very veiny. I have never seen this before in my, and I'm constantly worried about it. I got scratched by a dog about 3 months ago, and I was wondering if that has any correlation to what I'm experiencing in my throat. I read a lot about rabies on the internet and now I'm afraid I may have it. I went to a number of doctors after the scratch and they all said I was fine, and that I would have died by now. But what if they are wrong, and its too late?

I have a runny nose with clear mucus, and a mild cough. My stomach has been acting up lately, I feel bloated and full no matter if I burp or use the bathroom it just does not help. The only meds I've been taking is Ibuprofen and Benedryl. Please help me.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
You don't have rabies. Rabies is just about 100% fatal quite quickly and you don't get it from a dog scratch. You can give up this fear.

I can't see your throat to offer a patient-specific comment. Your description is really not sufficient, so since you are so worried about the appearance of your throat, I would suggest that you SEE an ENT -- a throat expert -- and be properly examined at this high level. will have your answer and not have to worry so much.

People who have allergies or get frequent colds (or even reflux) can have a throat that looks like "cobblestones". This is really lymph tissue. It can look a bit yucky, but it can be "normal". Since I can't see it first-hand, I can't make that call, so you have to take the next step and see an ENT.