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Ear popping that won't go away
An_249934 posted:
A few days ago, my right ear started popping. Felt similar to what happens with change in air pressure, like while on a plane. Also, similar to swimmer's ear. It didn't hurt before, but has has now started to after I tried several remedies. Any pain is not located much in the ear, but I do feel pressure in my temple and side of head. The sensation reminds me of wearing a baseball helmet while its windy, if that makes sense. I have tried several ear popping exercises; clicking, holding nose to relieve pressure, yawning, chewing gum, drinking water, laying on my side, of course cleaned out the ear thoroughly, took a hot, steamy shower, took a decongestant. Nothing has put a dent into this thing. I have a doctor's appointment on Monday for a follow up (had cellulitis near my left eye, so I am just finished up antibiotics). In closing, I'm not really in pain, not in the ear, but this is really annoying, and concerning because it won't go away and has gotten worse.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
You may have ETD - Eustachian Tube Dysfunction, and are trying some appropriate home treatments, but unfortuantely, ETD can be stubborn and take its sweet 'ol time going away. There are only a few things, medically, that can help speed up the process; one being a presciription nasal corticosteroid spray if your doctor will prescribe one for you. In most cases, the really healer is "tincture of time".

Your description is still a bit vague to me, since ETD feels nothing like swimmer's ear (this condition is VERY painful...ETD is not).

Since you are seeing your doctor again, make sure to have your ear examined.

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