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How long does a heald cold last?
alycial posted:
Hello everyone,

My name is Alycia and I have a cold question. I havent had any type of cold for about 5 years now and last Tuesday I got one. Sarted out with post nasal drip ( I have bad allergies and thought it was that). Within the next couple days it developed into a stuffy runny nose. By day 3 I was blowing my nose every 15 minutes. That lasted a couple days. I have been rinsing my nose out with salt/baking soda every day and also steaming with a drop of oregano oil every day. I am on day 10 of this cold and still am very congested and still am getting yellow/green mucus out of my nose. Mostly on one side. I have had no cough, or any other symtoms.

My question is, how long could this possibly go on? Might I now have a sinus infection? I cant believe this cold and mucus could last 10+ days. Is it time to go to the doctor or am I being impatient.

Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
It is not possible to predict how long anyone might remain ill, since people heal at different rates.

Yes, you most definitely could have a secondary bacterial infection your sinuses. A person with darker-colored mucous for more than ten days may, indeed, have sinusitis and need an oral antibiotic.

You will need to see your medical provider so that you can be properly examined, diagnosed, and treated.