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Is it possible that a bad batch caused our neck pain?
shyrl529 posted:
My husband and I had flu shots on Tuesday. My arm started hurting as soon as we left the drugstore, and was swollen by bedtime. On Friday evening, I couldn't move the left side of my neck at all. I couldn't imagine what had happened, so I took an aleve and went to bed. The next morning I had more mobility but, it was still painful. I never mentioned my pain to my husband nor, did I associate my pain with the shot until my husband woke up saying how his neck and shoulder were bothering him on the left. I called the pharmacist and told him about both of us, and he said to use a heating pad. Then, I searched and found out that others have experienced the same symptons. Is it possible that we had a bad batch? There must be some explanation, or maybe some more research needs to be done.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
It's not a bad batch of vaccine, but it could have been a bad injection with the needle being too close to a sensory nerve in your shoulder. This can cause pain in the entire shoulder and perhaps, even your neck.

Stay on the Aleve and the heating pad is fine. If things do not settle down, you will need to see your medical provider.