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my nephew is extremely sick and I would like some clarification on if he will be okay
lovinguncleof3boys posted:
my nephew is at the ER and I am at home with my other nephews and he woke up screaming and hallucinating we gave him some children's Tylenol and some children's Imodium before he went to bed and I would like to know what might cause that we kept him hydrated with water and powerade mixed together all day so if any doctors are on here please let me know what would cause that and if he will be okay
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
Unfortunately, health experts are not on-line 24/7 like an answering service to address postings that require a timely response, and that health experts really have no way of blindly diagnosing anyone over the Internet or make a determination if someone will be "okay". Sorry, but you have made a request that I cannot fulfill, no matter how much I would like to help you.

I certainly hope that your nephews are fine.