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Starting to worry...
nic14120 posted:
I had asked a question in the begining of the month about how ever since I had the stomach flu, I have been experiencing waves of dizziness. This started last week in Dec. It has gotten better. With the dizziness sensation, I can see fine,walk fine, don't feel like I am going to fall, and don't feel like the room is spining. It feels like a wave comes over my head, with a dizziness sensation in my head only.
I saw the ENT 2.5 weeks back. he dx it a vastibular neuritis. He put my head in different positions. He did not exam my sinuses but said he didn't feel it was related. I don't have allergies that I am aware of, but my have experienced sinus headaches over the last couple of months on and off, and a drip from time to time. When this started I was not sick respitory wise.
I went to see my primary dr Monday. She said she feels it could be my thyroid overdosed. She did a complete CBC and thyroid check and today said all was fine.
I am getting worried because although it has improved it is still occuring. If it is my inner ear, how the stomach flu virus impact my ear exactly? I don't know if I should give this time, or if it would be wise to see a neurologist. I don't experience headaches, but can one show early signs of a brain tumor with only dizziness alone? I am starting to get scared it's something in my brain.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
It is not likely that a gastrointestinal virus (the "stomach flu" as you called it) would cause inner ear involvement. You most likely had another upper respiratory virus in the mix. There are no rules that a person can only have one illness (or virus type) at a time.

There are hundreds of causes of dizziness, and your doctors seemed to be systematically eliminating them by tests and evaluations. If you have this underlying fear that you have a brain tumor or condition, then seeing a neurologist is appropriate, if only to offer you some peace and reassurance.