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weird lump near uvula
An_250099 posted:

i was curious like all teens my age, i was looking in my mouth and saw that i had a lump near my uvula. after i drank some water, i looked again. at that point i noticed that it moved by my uvula i guess by muscle contraction. well i looked today and it looks like the same size. i visited my doc a few days ago and he said it looked like a papule. i asked him if it was a herpie but he said that there was no red ring around it. im very worried and wanted to know if anyone has any answers. i want to think that its a tumor since my mom has had them in the past. i cant do anything for about 4-5 weeks because thats when the ENT will acept me and if this is bad i dont want to die. i have a picture to show you also. i also have a small bump on the other side near my tonsil. i had quit smoking a few months ago and had a sore throat for a whole week before i noticed this. this was 2-3 weeks ago. any help?? if you look closely at the left side of uvula you'll see the bump
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
No pictures to view....sorry. Unfortunately, even if I could have viewed your photograph, there is really no way for me to make a diagnostic call without examining you first-hand. I know that you are worried, but it would be highly unlikely for a teenager to get a cancer in this area, even after a few years of smoking (glad you stopped).
colonelshanks123 replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
thanks. i had a photo there but idk what happened. you said that you dont think that its cancer so i feel a little relief. i gargled some mouthwash and saw that my tonsil was a little swollen(right side). do you think that if the swolling doesnt go down that i should see my doc again. and do you think that this could be due to some kind of minor allergic reaction or after effects of an inffection
Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to colonelshanks123's response:
There are many possibilities, so see your medical provider so you can be sure what "it" is.......

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