Swollen Bleeding Tonsil
oooashley posted:
The last few days my right tonsil has become incredibly swollen and this morning i noticed blood. i looked in my throat and can see my swollen bloody gland. I have not had a fever, yet ive been getting chills. my throat feels like its getting stabbed with a knife, and its so swollen it hurts to swallow or eat anything. my right ear also hurts incredibly bad. I went to the doctor and she tested for strep throat and it came back negative. she still gave me pennicillin and liquid codeine for infection and pain. she is not sure what it is, and says if it doesnt get better in 3 days it may be an abscess. any second opinions out there???? just a side note, i always get bad allergies and strep throat around this time of year since i have moved to this new city.