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Issues with my Ear
AlexVee posted:
Hi all,

I have had some issues with my left ear for about 2 years now. Here are the symptoms:

- minimally enlarged (compared to the Right side), non-painful lymph nodes behind my ear. The lymph nodes are not currently gorwing
- hot and red ear
-The same side of my head sometimes feels numb
- if i jerk my neck to the left, i feel some pain in the nerves around the neck that lead to the ear
-period ear pain
- have been told by my doctor that i have had an ear infection, i treated it with anitbiotics with no luck

Medical history:

-tooth infections on the left side
-hay fever (allergies)

Please help, i dont have insurance and am saving money to eventually see a doctor. Any feedback will be appreciated
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
A person can have unilateral ear pain for many reasons. Obviously, there could be a problem in the ear itself, but because of nerve pathways, ear pain can also be "referred" from another part of the body. For instance, a problem in your cervical (neck) spine can cause ear pain. A problem in your throat, sinuses, TMJ, or even your teeth can cause pain to be felt in your ear.

Without a thorough, hands-on examination there is really no way to sort out the many possible causes. While I am sympathetic to your lack of insurance, there are really no alternative way to be properly diagnosed or treated, but you should try and see an ENT specialist since you have had these problems for two years.

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