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Eczema, preninial rhinitis and associated ear problem
An_250231 posted:
I have been affected from allergies for six years. I have dermatitis or eczema, preninial rhinitis and an associated ear problem in my right ear. I have problem in speaking and producing sound. There is a continuous pain in right side of throat above the Adams apple area directly behind the nose, the internal end of the nostril. I have recently started to fumble in public speaking.
I have loudness confirmation problem i.e. I am not able to judge and maintain loudness while speaking because every time I speak I hear a sound of vibration with every word. For words like m and n there is similar vibration sound (in right year).Sometimes during the day, vibration gets far louder to me than my voice and hence I cannot judge how loud I might be speaking and that makes speaking, talking and reading very difficult and annoying.
I have feeling of strain in my voice and I think I can't make good output of voice or sound but my friends say that I sound fine, probably because they don't want me to get discouraged. I can't hear to my own sound in a noisy place and I just could hear the vibration, sounding very deep while I could hear others speaking normally but I can't do so. Also I have to put extra effort or pressure to sound audible to others with lots of vibration accompanied with my voice.
Every time I speak my ear adds extra sound to my voice that only I can hear and not the person I am talking to. (In a noisy place)Sometimes when I am talking I become unsure whether I have said the particular word because I can't hear myself while they do understand me ,it's the listener who clarifies my doubt. In contrast I have no problem in hearing externally produced sound.
It vibrates in a same way as cars glass vibrates with the audio system. As the cars glass produce sound by vibrating likewise my ear does to me.
+ I have dermatitis and rhinitis
Dermatitis was more prominent in previous years but now its mild but still it has not gone while rhinitis is persistent, it started from dermatitis/eczema in the year 2006 and it went off and came back with treatments but did not left. Three and have years ago I started showing symptoms of rhinitis with this ear problem which I misunderstood to be cold. I took numerous of medicines in this regard and have consulted around 10 different doctors (ENT and skin) from various hospitals. Ate lots of medicine but I am still writing here.
My condition is deteriorating.
Is there anybody who can direct me?
I would be really thankful
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
After being examined by TEN different physicians, I am not sure how I can help you. I do not have access to your medical records, and there is really no way for me to examine you across the Internet, so I am going to need more information. My heart really goes out to you.....

Has any of these ten doctors offered you a diagnosis...or at least an explanation for your symptoms? Are you under any type of treatment now? What diagnostic tests have you had?
Anilreign replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
Thanks for replying.
Earlier I used to visit normal(non specialist) doctors.

Most of doctors didn't gave any explanation or either I was not able to explain them properly as it took me also lot of time to realize that it was not cold.I wrote ten but the count goes even higher.The doctors I visited earlier gave me medicines for cold and those medicines didn't work.Then after searching about all ENT and skin problems on internet I realized that actual problem was allergies.The next doctor I met was an ENT specialist and I told him whatever I could and he agreed to what I said.
I have taken a lot of medicines some of them are:
Fluticasone fuorate,Fluticasone Propionate,Xylometazoline Hydrochloride nasal sprays,Tens of different antibiotics and antihistamines.I was also tested for audiometry and sinusitis and there was no problem in each case.
12 days back I went to a new ENT specialist told everything I could, He checked the throat and ear and tested ear balance.Ear Balance war alright. Still he gave me the same medicines that haven't worked for me.Instead after usage of fluicasone propionate the vibration further increased. I am currently 22.
thanks again
Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to Anilreign's response:
I am sorry that I cannot be of further assistance to you in this matter. I know how frustrating this must be, but in reality, not all things in medicine can be corrected. This is the limitations of medicine that we all must accept. I am not telling you to thrown in the towel, but if you had one last effort, then going to a large, university-based medical center ENT department would be my last stop. If the collaborative resources at these large research and teaching facilities can't help you, then perhaps, it cannot be treated effectively.
bfb8688 responded:
Do you eat a lot of eggs? Could be an egg allergy.

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