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Recurring Cold Symptoms - going on 3 months!!
Emmywade posted:
I know there has been this awful virus floating around, but I have been struggling with nasal congestion, post nasal drip, and a constant cough. It all started right after Christmas when I got the worst of it! Very dry dark green mucus, soar throat, and dry painful cough. Now I still feel like I'm fighting off the end of this thing. I lose my voice daily, the coughing is sometimes out of my control, and a constant stuff/runny nose. I am a singer, and this has been a huge issue for me. I havn't been able to sing since before Christmas. PLEASE HELP
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
Colds do not last three months, but a series of colds can be prolonged. In your case, there is a very good chance that you have a bacterial secondary infection that is going to require that you see a medical provider so you can be properly examined, diagnosed, and treated (not something that I can do over the Internet). You have waited three is time for YOU to take some definitive action.
BBlackRose13 responded:
I wanted to let you know that I've had this same thing... I've been on antibiotics twice and still it keeps coming back... I've also found other people suffering from the same thing...
It's like you're getting better and then the cold refreshes itself... Only thing is I never fully get rid of the mucus... I continually cough it up so I know that whatever this is hasn't left my system and just keeps acting up again.

Here is the link to the forum post I found if you want to look as well...
Emmywade replied to BBlackRose13's response:
Sorry for the very late reply to this, but thank you for your response. I however have never fully recovered 100% after this cold last year. I still suffer from post nasal drip and an occasional cough, although my voice came back nice and strong. I;ve been to a number of different doctors and they seem to think its allergy related...aka they have no clue. I have never had allergies in my life and all tests prove I am still allergy free. I recently got over yet ANOTHER awful viral cold causing sever viral laryngitis. My symptoms were pretty much the same as my previous post except this time it was accompanied by a fever. The doctor refuses to link a connection between the constant post nasal drip and cough with the same EXACT viral symptoms. Thanks again for the forum link will def check it out. I've found some home remedies that help with the symptoms and seem to have sped my recovery process this time. Lots of Emergen-C and Throat coat tea by traditional medicinals. Thanks again!

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