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vibrating ear drum in deaf ear
mottsey posted:
I lost my hearing in my right ear a little over a year ago while working on a job site in the AZ mountains, driving up and down 7 to 10 thousand foot elevation with upper respiratory infection. I first got my hearing checked.. when I started having difficulties hearing people talk, was like a white noise over everything...what I found to be tinnitus.. has made my life to this day impossible!
I have seen 3 different ENT's, neurologist, and not one of them can tell me WHY I lost my hearing in right ear, and why I am slowly losing it in left. I have been sick for the last 3 months.. I lost the month of Dec, the only thing I remember is that I had an incredible burning feeling rushing down the right side of my head behind my ear, like someone was pouring acid in my head.. since then, I am getting horrible pains in and under my right ear, feels like it is filled with fluid, that just cannot drain, and is painful.. about 3 or 4 times a day, I can feel my ear drum vibrating, actually feels like an alka seltzer fuzzing in my ear.. I have been taking decongestants and antibiotics, but not feeling any better... What is happening to my right ear? The doctors that I have seen cannot explain.... thanks for any info
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
Unfortunately, since I have no way of examining you over the Internet, and delving into your case, I have no way of offering you a patient-specific explanation. I can tell you that sudden hearing loss remains a mystery in many cases...a VERY difficult problem to medically-investigate since the problem may be at the microscopic level in the inner ear (a place that cannot be seen on exam) or the brain.

You need to find a GOOD neurotolgist at a large, university-based medical center to manage your case. While this may be be difficult to solve, there are treatments that can help you cope with the tinnitus.

Incidentally, I have intractable tinnitus, myself....for over 15 years. It came on suddenly, but fortunately, there was no hearing loss.