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Right tragus pain
goolar posted:
It is sooo painfullllllllllll!!!! its stressing me out. It's been over a week. on occasions I would get it, but not for so many days. Not sure if my TMJ or migraines are causing this. Hurts to the touch (inner and outer tragus) and a bit below inside. (if that makes sense)... I thought a pimple would be coming out by now, So far nothing. when I push the tragus it is painful, can't put my earphones on. Did a bit of research and ran into "neuralgia"

help? my ENT appointment won't be anytime soon...
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
You are not going to be able to accurate diagnose yourself over the Internet, based soley on your symptoms. Tragal tenderness is a cardinal sign of otitis externa (also called "swimmer's ear") -- a condition often seen in people who use the shower and/or Q-tip users, no just swimming. There are many different types of otitis externa, including herpetic causes (Ramsay-Hunt syndrome).

Seeing an ENT is best, so do what you can to expedite your appointment. Call and sweet-talk the receptionist...they can work magic.