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Swimmer's ear or sinus pressure?!
kkerns996 posted:
For the past week I've been battling a flu like virus, and have slowly gotten better. But a few days ago I noticed the left side of my neck was swollen, along with the same left side of my throat. I tried everything for it to go away on its own but gave up yesterday and went to the doctor because it was so painful that I couldn't even eat or drink anything. He told me that he thought the infection or virus had most likely settled into my left lymph node and gave me a prescription for augmentin. But while I was there, I told him I was having a little bit of ear pain on the same side, and he had pressed the scope so far back that it shut my ear, which I could hear perfectly from before. Anyway, later I got it opened pretty much, but when I went to lay down it closed again, but this time it sounded muffled and like there was pressure. I've been trying to get it open ever since last night. Its pretty uncomfortable now and a little painful. Also, a couple days before I went to the doctor, I noticed some fluid coming from my ear, but it just looked like water so I didn't think anything of it. Any ideas of what to do or what this is?
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
As you know, without the ability to examine you, all I have to go on is your posting. Unfortunately, this is really insufficient information for me to offer you any patient-specific advice.

You are on a potent antibiotic (I don't know your dose), but perhaps you should give it some time to work. You could very well have a middle ear infection (a guess), but Augumentin would be an appropriate choice of medication to treat it. There are other causes, of course, but it would take a hands-on examination to sort them out.

Take something for pain and inflammation, like ibuprofen (assuming you can medically take this sort of drug). A decongestant during the day may also be helpful

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