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    Includes Expert Content
    Domroz posted:

    This is driving me crazy and I feel I need to talk about it and get an opinion.
    I'm a 26 yo male who has taken care of himself his whole life. I've slacked recently but still very conscious of it.
    Saturday at my girlfriends parents house her dad and I decided to go out and shoot some 45 rounds from his 1911. We got to the backyard and realized we had no hearing protection. We both agreed we wouldn't be shooting much and decided to proceed (stupid, stupid, stupid!) I know better as I have owned, operated and trained with firearms for years now.
    He shot first and I plugged my ears. Minimizing damage to probably the same as foam inserts. Then I decided to shoot, (another big mistake)
    My ears rang and were uncomfortable but no significant pain just very uncomfortable. His son came out with his 40 cal and shot about 30 rounds. I'm thinking there was a total round count of about 68 rounds. Some of which or half of which I may have had my ears plugged.

    We came inside and I had normal symptoms to loud noise exposure, nothing seemed very severe. Ears rang until that evening when I went out and had a few drinks. Noise at the bar wasn't terrible. The next day I don't remember noticing any ringing. That was Sunday. Then Monday midday my right ear starts ringing. One steady pitch not higher or lower not louder or softer. It hasn't stopped since. I scheduled an ENT appointment for tomorrow morning at 930 am.

    I have never done this before, worst case was a 22 pistol/rifle with minimum rounds out of it. Do you think this tinnitus is permanent? Anything I can or should do to help it heal if possible? no one has reported it going away and then commjng back to stay. But knowing my luck I could be the first. I really truly do not remember the ringing on Saturday or Sunday night. I was able to sleep then, I'm not now.

    Thank you for the time spent reading this. I'm still making stupid kid mistakes in my older age. Kid at heart and mind still I guess!
    Domroz responded:
    I forgot to add that this is only happening in my right ear not the left. Definitely have some anxiety over the issue. I was told if the ringing ever did stop I would never hear that tone again in my life. That's not sounding so bad now. It has the electronic squeal to it almost...
    Domroz responded:
    Again forgot to mention the other two people involved seem fine. My girls father is 55, her brother is 28. Neither are reporting anything after that day.
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
    Unfortunately, there is absolutely no way to determine if your tinnitus will be permanent from this acoustic event. Statistically, you will be fine, but it is also unpredictable on how long this might take. Your ENT will be checking your hearing and perhaps, put you on a short course of oral steroids to relieve the inflammation.

    Only TIME will provide you the answer. I am sorry that you have to suffer this consequence and I hope you will be one of the "good statistics" and improve.
    Domroz replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
    I just finished up. after explaining everything to him, he said he feels confident it will improve, but i have to be less worried about it and stressed. Im not a amped up person generally but to know i may have ruined the sound of silence for the rest of my life is bothersome. not to mention i have slept only 4 hours in the past two days.

    He put me on an oral steroid and told me to pick up lipo-flavanoid. Ive been overloading on vitamins as well.

    I lost a slight ammount of hearing in my right ear. he projects a 85% chance of recovery.

    Why would it go away and the come back? is that a better sign than average?

    Do we have anymore progress on a cure?

    I am scheduled to see him agin in two weeks...
    Domroz replied to Domroz's response:
    im going to go in for a second opinion and another hearing test tomorrow.

    last night i fell asleep with some pink noise in my right ear very quietly. this morning i woke up and it seemed like the ringin was gone unless i moved my head. it was kind of subsided.. but once i got up it was back again. i cant tell if its bettor or the same. i can say that i put thew pink noise back in this morning and i could put it one volume notch lower on my going to try white noise this weekend.

    still one the steroid and the lipo-flavanoid, along with a multivitamin.

    The other two guys recovered, however they didnt go out to the bar the same night. i was still fine the next day however and not exposed to anything loud sunday or monday to bring this ringing on.

    Im still so confused.
    Domroz replied to Domroz's response:
    I have also noticed that my ears dont feel "Healed" yet and when i swallow i get popping in both ears, louder popping on the right. they do seem a bit more sensitive still as well. im trying to avoid my dog barking at all costs right now. any other suggestions?
    Domroz replied to Domroz's response:
    Dr moser,

    Do you have any thoughts on the chances of my recovery? Currently I am taking a multivitamin, magnesium, ginkgo baloba, niacin, and lipo flavanoid. I have done this religiously since last Wednesday. My prednisone pack ran out as of Monday. Should I see if I could get more from my doctor? Ill do anything if it will help. Judging from when I first posted, I do genuinely feel the volume has decreased but I'm not very good with noticing progress. It does not seem to effect my daily life but it does seem to surge when I try to sleep. In the mornings it seems particularly bad.

    A strange thing I noticed is that I noticed the tone will change for a millisecond from time to time. If my tinnitus was represented by this line in the beginning: ------------- It now seems to be doing something like this: -----~--~---- or -------_----_------

    It also seems to at time become undifferentiated between my right ear or in my "head" even at time seeming like I must focus to determine it. Some hours are worse than others It's hard to explain but that's the best I can do. I find it odd that my bedroom will seem to have the same ammount of noise as the rest of my house when I go to bed but the tinnitus becomes more noticeable. Is it in my head? Any suggestions?

    I spent about 120 on hearing protection today for everything from going to a bar to shooting to mowing the lawn. I have learned a lesson.
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to Domroz's response:
    The only thing that anyone can predict about tinnitus is it's unpredictability. Never in my wildest imagination did I think my tinnitus (that started over ten years ago) would be permanent....but clearly, it is. Of course, mine was not caused by an acoustic injury. A common source of tinnitis is "central" (the brain), so this noise is technically in our heads, or at least that is the way it is interpreted by our brains.

    You are doing everything that you can, including things that have been disproven as being effective (like the vitamins), so if you do improve, who cares what did it? Try and remain optimistic and be encouraged by the statistical fact that most of these acoustic injuries do improve....over time. Perhaps, your improvement will not be as fast as you would like, but as long as you are seeing ANY improvement, this is good.

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