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Parotitis, Sinus Infection or Both
GreyWave posted:
New to the discussion boards but recently woke up with massive pressure under left cheek that radiated into left ear which made my ear pop throughout the day. Also noticed that my nasal passages had almost completely dried out over night. At first I though it was the heater, but the pressure got worse over a few days causing me not to sleep. 4 days in, I went to an ENT who saw nothing out of the ordinary and prescribed me flonase. Came back two weeks later with very little improvement and he switched me to Omnaryis.

So I go to my regular GP a few days later because the ENT hasnt helped much. He thinks I have a nasal polyp and sinusitus. I get a CT scan of my sinuses. Apparently clean. I have a Haller cell in my ethmoid that is the only thing that could be problematic. Nose is completely dried out and I am not producing much mucous to swallow with especially on the left side of my throat. A few more days go by and I get an irritated feeling in my left cheek. That feeling moves into the bump inside my mouth and it feels infected. The next morning, I have a huge swelling under my jaw and am in a lot of pain. I go back to ENT and I am diagnosed with Parotitis. She puts me on Clindamycin for 10 days but I can only stomach it for 7 as it is strong and giving me diarrhea. Interestingly it takes down the swelling from the parotid gland in a day and the pressure I was experience prior goes completely away. 3 days later once off the medication the pressure in my face returns and the ear popping comes back. The ENT now thinks I have an autoimmune disorder called Sjogrens. We test for ANA, SSA Lo, SSA Ra ( I may be mixing these up) and all negative (thank God). Regular blood test turns nothing up. She is at a loss. I also have an MRI done, all clean.

That was about 3 weeks ago. To date the swelling has remained but somewhat diminished. It mainly affects the left side of my face. Pressure is there constantly and I feel on occasion itchy inner ear and sometimes sharp pain but nothing steady. My left ear pops constantly and now I am getting pains running into my neck. Sometimes I feel like there is burning in my mouth and I get a slight sore throat that diminishes quickly. My nose is a little better but still not producing much moisture. No green formations, everything is solid white. My question is this, Ive read every post and medical piece of info out on the web. Can anyone else offer me any other solutions. I am currently scheduled to see and Allergist as well as an eye doctor to get some tests on my eyes for Sjogrens and to see if I may have Sarc. Whatever this thing is is just messing up my life. Thanks for any constructive feedback in advance.
amyzynn responded:
Hello, I just came accross your post while searching for info about my sudden onset of parotiditis. What have you learned about your condition? How are you doing now?

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