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Irregular Thumping in Right Ear
CycloneW posted:
So, for the past few years I have noticed an occasional thumping sensation/sound in my right ear (only right ear). It is not related to my heart beat. A few months ago, I noticed that while the microwave was on, thumping would occur in my ear and get faster/harder as I got nearer the microwave. It would be alleviated when I moved away. Noticed a similar phenomenon with the heater in my office. I have also recently found that my ear will thump in the bathroom at the office, but only near walls and only when the heater/fan is on. Thumping gets louder/faster as my ear gets closer to the wall and gets better as I move away. My ear does not feel quite normal afterwards in any case, although "popping" my ears seems to help a bit. It isn't painful, just unpleasant and odd.

Forgive the rambling, I'm confused by this and wondering if it is something I should have checked out. Many thanks.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
You may be experiencing a bit of MYOCLONUS....a muscle spasm/twitching of the tiny muscles that attach those three ear bones in your middle ear (usually the stapedius). This is not an easy problem to diagnose or treat, so you may need to see an ENT specialist.