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fullness in ear and medrol
superstah_kat posted:
was originally having inner ear pain in right ear a few weeks ago. urgent care PA said there was only slight irritation in right ear. prescribed cortisporin otic. pain almost completely subsided by the next day. however, ear started feeling full and heavy a few days after. thought it was the solution mixing with earwax and putting pressure inside. went to primary and said the eardrum was retracted. prescribed medrol and sudafed. haven't started taking them because i don't feel i'm that congested. just have "full" feeling in ear. i have severe gastritis and anxiety problems, feel like the two new prescriptions will make those worse. i don't know what to do.
i have slight pain in my right ear, will fullness. the right side of my face feels a little heavy and i now have a cough with sneezing and runny nose. help!

-nervous wreck-

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anyone out there have positive experiences with medrol and sudafed when taking for ear pain/fullness in ear?
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Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
You were first given eardrops. This would only help if you have inflammation in your ear canal (swimmer's ear). Eardrops will NOT help middle or inner ear problems. Prednisone is often used for inner ear issues, and Sudafed is occaisonally used for middle ear problems. Right now, it is unclear what you have since the PA has systematically treated ALL THREE areas of the ear, perhaps hoping one will work. Since I can't examine you, and the history is really unclear, my only suggestion for you is to see an ENT specialist.

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