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swollen throat on top around uvula?
Emma0512 posted:
I already went to an ER since i have no insurance, I got treated for pharyngitis, was put on antibiotics this was 2 days ago. Today I woke up feeling much better, before my throat was swollen in the glands on both sides of my throat, this morning the swelling had reduced to just a little with a little scratchy feeling. I did still feel tiered and runny nose so I went back to bed for 2 hours. When i woke up I woke up because my throat was so dry I could not swallow and then discovered my uvula area the top upper throat was huge and swollen! I don't want to rush back to the ER over this because the doctor told me I would be just fine shortly with the medicine but I have the worse throat phobias....everything from choking to breathing Nothing scares me more even if it isn't my own throat I become very upset about choking and not being able to breath. As of now i can breath fine and can swallow just hurts and its very scary feeling like im pulling down my throat when i swallow. Any one know if this is just due to breathing in the dry air? and will it go away or should i go back to the ER? Very panicky thanks for any help.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
I am sorry, Emma, but you will need to make that decision. Since I do not know anything about you or this particular case, nor do I have a way of examining you, it would not be prudent for me to blindly make that call. I don't know your diagnosis...the type of medication you were given....

If you feel feel like your airway is compromised and this is causing you to panic, then seeing a medical provider again would seem to be a reasonable course of action on your part.
keighty80 responded:
I used to get tonsilitis all the time and my uvula would triple in size. I would feel as if I was about to swallow and choke on my uvula. Since I had my tonsils and adenoids removed I hardly ever have any problems breathing. Hopefully you will recover quickly with the medicine the dr. gave you. Feel better soon!

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