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Weird Ear Issues
An_250498 posted:
Weird symptoms, afraid of doctors:

-Off an on sharp, sort of stabbing pain in my right ear. This does not happen everyday, but happens once or twice a day when it does. And it seems to be brought on by turning my head.

-Sometimes I get headaches recently when eating foods that are hard or particularly chewy.

-I have some slight ear discomfort when eating. It's as thought I get this stinging sensation in my ears when my mouth waters. Is that odd or what?

-I feel pressure in my head and pressure and slight achiness in both ears.

-If I laugh hard it will cause a sudden pain in my head that has scared me a couple times.

This has been ongoing for over month. I don't know what to do or what could be wrong. Help?
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
Fear or not, the ONLY way that you can be properly diagnosed and treated is to have a hands-on examination by a medical professional. You are not going to circumvent this process over the Internet based solely on a list of symptoms.

You know what to do. You have to see a medical provider, in spite of your fears.